I need to share with you my team of friends and family who are helping me in my fight daily.  These amazing people have more than gone the extra mile for Star and I and deserve way more than just a mention on a website.  They are the inspiration for my continued fight and I'm humbled and honored to know them.


Star Sims

My wife, my rock!  When things are at their worst she is at her best and not a day goes by I'm not absolutely knocked out by her faith, strength and courage.  She is the love of my life and the truest blessing from God I've ever known.

And not too hard on the eyes either 😉

Carl and Lynne Adams

My wonderful father and mother in law who are no strangers to ALS.  Carl lost a business partner of over 30 years to ALS and knows all too well how devastating this disease can be.  Carl now lobbies for the ALS cause in Florida and he and Lynne both have supported our family financially and spiritually in our fight against ALS.


Ann Hughes

My wonderful and inspirational mom!  When I was diagnosed she was there to help us spiritually and financially as well.  A cancer survivor herself she is no stranger to fighting a life threatening disease and source of inspiration in my fight.

Cameron Noerr

Now this handsome man (no, the one in the middle) is my brilliant nephew Cameron.  Cam was the one who designed the 'Marty Protocol' and has consulted with me on my fight from day one.  He and his wonderful wife Faith have help us financially and his company Athletessence supply us with a vitamin B supplement called "B Strong".


Bob and Beverly Noerr

My sister and brother-in-law were there from the start with encouragement and financial support.  My sister watched out for me as a kid and she's watching out now.  When I was diagnosed Bev provided me with many websites about others fighting and winning against ALS as well as reminding me God's role as healer in my life.  As co owner of Athletessence, Bob has worked none stop to ensure we had the supplements we need as well as continually encourage me to fight.

Barry and Stephanie Lyons

My cousin Stephanie and her husband Barry have remained a constant supporters through my fight.  Both have helped us in moving into our downstairs apartment as well as helping me around the house whenever we need it.  As I've come to understand certain limitations I have to deal with Barry and Stephanie are always there to lend a hand.


Joan Cox

One of many very powerful women in my life, my Aunt Joan has been there to help us financially and a source of encouragement in my fight.  She constantly reminds me that life is to be lived no matter what the situation in life is.

LaNelle Phillips

The matriarch of the Sims Clan, Aunt Nelle has helped us financially and serves as a reminder to me that "you can't keep a good Sims down!"  She's a wonderful caregiver to her husband, my Uncle Bill and is an incredible example of grace and compassion.


Shirley Garcia

Another very powerful woman in my family, Aunt Shirley is a true survivor.  Despite a debilitating fall in 2015 that would have killed anyone else, Shirley fought back and to the surprise of her doctors is doing incredible!  Besides finding the time and means to financially help me she serves as an inspiration to continue to fight no matter the outcome.

Godby High School Class of 80/81

What can be said about some of the finest people on the planet?  When I missed the 35th Godby High Class of 80/81 Reunion (my first absence I might add) due to my diagnosis, these wonderful friends of mine all got together and collected monies to help in our fight.  What they didn't know is that the support came at a time when we absolutely needed it and couldn't have made without their help.  For that these fine individuals will always hold a very special place in my heart besides all the years worth of memories we share.  It is  MY HONOR to call you all friends.


Roger Day and Dawn Killette

Both graduates of Godby High, Roger and Dawn have helped Star and I financially and have encouraged our continued fight.  Roger started a Go Fund Me account to help with medical expenses and took pictures at the 2016 Walk for ALS in Tallahassee.


Our Frisco Family

Star and I have been blessed beyond measure in the places we've lived and the people we meet.  When we moved to Frisco, TX in 1999 we never knew the friends that we would meet here would have such a huge impact in our lives.  This wonderful group of people has helped us to understand the true meaning of friendship.

L to R: Matt and Sheila Thomas, Richard and Tonya Francois, Barry and Stephanie Lyons, John and Theresa Cook, Star and Mart, Tommy and Alex Teal

Donnie and Rita Thomas

My cousin Rita and her husband Donnie opened their house up to me and my buddy Barry when we went back home to visit family.  She and Donnie provided all the organic food we ate while we were there, picked us up from the airport, and just made us feel right at home.  But if you knew Rita and Donnie you'd know that's just not hard for them to do.


Stonebriar Dental

Dr. Wong and the incredible staff at Stonebriar Dental.  Part of my fight against ALS was having my mercury fillings removed.  Dr. Wong and his staff safely removed all of them and now I'm mercury free.