Marty’s Protocal:
Vitamin B (B-Strong brand name) Helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy (nervous system repair) and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells.  Creates and protects the myelin sheath and produces nerve transmitters.  Without vitamin B other supplements don’t work correctly
Vitamin C A powerful antioxidant, it helps the body form and maintain connective tissue, including bones, blood vessels, and skin.  It produces collagen, reduces inflammation, and detoxes heavy metals
R-Lipoic Acid Helps prevent certain kinds of cell damage in the body and also restores vitamin levels such as vitamin E and vitamin C. There is also evidence that it  improves the function and conduction of neurons in diabetes.  It also detoxes heavy metals, boosts glutathione levels, prevents glycation (bonding of sugar molecules to a protein), and cleanses the liver
Ubiquinol The reduced version of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, aka ubiquinone) and helps protect against cellular damage from free radicals cells
Magnesium Lysil Glycinate Helps with enzyme action, hardening of bone, muscle contraction and the operation of the body’s immune system.  Co-factor for over 300 enzyme systems, it aids and helps calm the nervous system towards sleep
Fish Oil (ProEPA) Rich in Omega 3’s which combat inflammation and essential fatty acids vital for brain function not only slow cognitive decline, but can help prevent brain atrophy and improve bone density
Chlorophyll Helps in normal blood clotting, wound healing, hormonal balance, deodorizing and detoxification of the body and promotes digestive health. It has healing effects on oxidation and inflammatory
Glutathione Your cells contain glutathione which act as an important antioxidant in your body that combat free radicals, molecules that can damage your body’s cells
Acetyl l Carnitine (ALCAR) An amino acid that address energy levels and helps to generate growth of nervous system cells.  This natural super antioxidant specifically benefits the brain by helping supply it with energy by improving energetic in the mitochondrion, the cell’s energy generator
Alpha GPC 600 (Alpha-GPC 50%) Works with ALCAR to make or boost Acetylcholine (an organic chemical that functions in the brain and body as a neurotransmitter—a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other cells) and nerve growth factor.
Theanine An amino acid that boosts levels of GABA, produces dopamine (a brain chemical involved in many different functions including movement) and serotonin that promotes an alpha state.  Also reduces high blood pressure
Coenzyme q 10 A substance similar to a vitamin found in every cell of the body. Your body makes CoQ10, and your cells use it to produce energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance. It also functions as an antioxidant, which protects the body from damage caused by harmful molecules (free radical cells).
Vitamin A Aids the immune system and identifies toxins
Vitamin D Helps enzyme function (biological molecules/proteins that act as catalysts and help complex reactions occur) and balances vitamin A
Vitamin k2 Balances vitamin A, manages calcium, and process fat.  It’s also absolutely essential to building strong bones and preventing heart disease
Fish Oil (ProDHA) Rich in Omega 3’s which combat inflammation and essential fatty acids vital for brain function not only slow cognitive decline, but can help prevent brain atrophy and improve bone density
Zinc Mono Methionine x 2 (L-OptiZinc) A methionine-bound zinc that increase the bio-availability of zinc. Methionine is an amino acid best absorbed by the body, aids enzyme function, helps DNA replication, and boosts immune system
Selenium Albion Complex Important for DNA production and protecting the body from damage caused by free radicals and infection.  Helps to keep Glutathione and detoxes the body
Probi 30 Billion Probiotic to aid in gut health, digestion, and prevents constipation
Concern Trace drops (to drinking water) Adds essential minerals removed by filtered water
Deanna Protocal:
GABA Inhibitory neurotransmitter, controls muscle symptoms
AKG (Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid) Delivers energy to nerves, Controls muscle symptoms, fasciculations, and twitching
5-Hydroxy Tryptophan (5-HTP) Serotonin and melatonin, both inhibitory neuro-transmitters