This is just my belief…

Let me preface everything by saying this is strictly what I believe and how I choose to fight this disease.  I sight my sources when I can, but when I can’t take it at face value.  I make no claims that I’m cured of ALS or that what I’m doing is working.  As with much in life I’m still a work in progress, but I do believe what I’m doing is slowing the process and with ALS that is a victory unto itself.  Again the reason for this site is to chronicle my fight and share what I’ve learned.

I believe that this disease is attributed to a build up of toxins over one’s lifetime, a combination of environmental stressors, and free radical cells unchecked in the body.  This combined with an undisciplined life of reckless eating, drinking, and lack of exercise leaves the body’s immune and digestive system compromised.  This compromise over time causes an imbalance and this imbalance leads to a neurological breakdown, in my case ALS.

So ALS is not something you catch it’s something that happens.  Due to medical science’s preoccupation with treating the symptoms and not the cause, I personally doubt medical science will ever find a real treatable cure although I sure hope they do.  Our bodies are only reacting to this breakdown.  If the breakdown can be corrected and the body restored than I believe the body will correct itself.

So if one of the causes is a buildup of toxins than for me eliminating toxins sounds like the best place to start this fight.

When I started my search I consulted with a nutritionist on supplements that aid the body’s immune system as well as strengthening the nervous system and to find foods that will aid in the restoration of the body.  I also decided there should be a two prong attack on this disease just as Eric Edney and Kim Cherry describe on their websites (see Links):

First, Hold the Line – Stop the progression of the disease at all costs!!

Second, Take the Fight to the enemy – Find out what the body is deficient in and resupply it, bring it back to a pristine state!

The five basic principles I’m using to fight this disease are: