This is just my belief…

Let me preface everything by saying this is strictly what I believe and how I choose to fight this disease.  I sight my sources when I can, but when I can’t take it at face value.  I make no claims that I’m cured of ALS or that what I’m doing is working.  As with much in life I’m still a work in progress, but I do believe what I’m doing is slowing the process and with ALS that is a victory unto itself.  Again the reason for this site is to chronicle my fight and share what I’ve learned.

I believe that this disease is attributed to a build up of toxins over one’s lifetime, a combination of environmental stressors, and free radical cells unchecked in the body.  This combined with an undisciplined life of reckless eating, drinking, and lack of exercise leaves the body’s immune and digestive system compromised.  This compromise over time causes an imbalance and this imbalance leads to a neurological breakdown, in my case ALS.

So ALS is not something you catch it’s something that happens.  Due to medical science’s preoccupation with treating the symptoms and not the cause, I personally doubt medical science will ever find a real treatable cure although I sure hope they do.  Our bodies are only reacting to this breakdown.  If the breakdown can be corrected and the body restored than I believe the body will correct itself.

So if one of the causes is a buildup of toxins than for me eliminating toxins sounds like the best place to start this fight.

When I started my search I consulted with a nutritionist on supplements that aid the body’s immune system as well as strengthening the nervous system and to find foods that will aid in the restoration of the body.  I also decided there should be a two prong attack on this disease just as Eric Edney and Kim Cherry describe on their websites (see Links):

First, Hold the Line – Stop the progression of the disease at all costs!!

Second, Take the Fight to the enemy – Find out what the body is deficient in and resupply it, bring it back to a pristine state!

The five basic principles I’m using to fight this disease are:


Taking the Fight to the Enemy…. How exactly do you do that?

This is an ongoing process for me so I’ll continue to add as I learn and find out new strategies.


Hair Analysis Test

I felt the first steps were to find out exactly what toxins were in my body.  For this I went not only to my primary care physician, but also my neurologist, both didn’t know what I was talking about.  However, I did find on Eric Edney’s site and advice from Kim and Kay Cherry to search for Dr. Kathleen Akin of Advanced Family Health (  She provides a very affordable and comprehensive report tailored specially to the individual (  Here is a sample of what the report looks like link


Amalgam Fillings Removed

As I stated on the “Detox” page I had all my mercury fillings removed.  I’m SO GLAD I had this done.  When I received my first hair analysis report my mercury levels were .048.  Since having my amalgams removed my mercury levels are .006, a reduction of around 95%.



Cavitation is something I was warned about from a naturopath I spoke with.  He stated that when teeth get pulled they sometimes get infected because the nerve from the tooth rots away, leaving infections to spread within the body.  He suggested that I seek out a dental surgeon to do a ‘cone x-ray’ on my jaw and verify if that might be happening.  I did some research on this and found this online

I ran all of this by my dentist who had not heard of any of it.  He did refer me to a colleague who could do the x-ray.  This colleague went the extra mile and included a 360-degree x-ray and exam and found no infections.



The naturopath I consulted with also suggested testing for Mold.  I was cleared of that as well, but the test can be a little expensive.  So be warned.  I never checked but I’m sure my regular physician can do this.


Lyme Test

If there ever was a more heated and controversial topic associated with ALS it’s Lyme disease.   And without going into some of the more insane details I’ve experienced with this topic I’ll just say I wanted to clear myself of this once and for all.  My neurologist said I was cleared of Lyme when I was first diagnosed, but I’ve since found out a Lyme test was never done.  Plus, I had read that the ELISA test (the medical standard for Lyme) didn’t test for certain bands making the ELISA test a flawed test.  So, I set out to have my own test done by the IgenX corporation (

My results came back as negative for the IgM test (exposure within 6 weeks), but positive for IgG (exposure anytime in one’s life).  From all I’ve learned about Lyme (and trust me it’s more than I wanted to know) I’ve decided that the use of antibiotics to treat Lyme can be as dangerous as the cause.  As per my doctor and what I’ve researched online antibiotics can ravage the “good” bacteria in your body, especially your gut.  Since my focus has been to bring my body back to a pristine condition I’ve decided to find a more natural way of riding my body of this infection, if in fact it’s Lyme.