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Obata said that he wishes that he could have "drawn him a bit better. Hosokawa said that when he portrayed Raye he built Raye's "strength, tenderness and the feeling of mortification."[17]. [62] Ohba described Gevanni as a "good-looking hotshot" who received an invitation to join Near's team because of his skills.[26]. He is voiced by Hideo Ishikawa in the Japanese anime and Brian Dobson in the English dub. Namikawa is the Vice President of Sales. He assists in the formation of Near's SPK, and provides information and funding to Mello under threats of the Death Note. The book also states that Rester is "far below" Near in terms of intellectual prowess.[52]. He is voiced by Hiroshi Ōtake in Japanese and Ron Halder in English. In the second movie, Rem declares her love for Misa and her spite for Light moments before her death. Main character ≠ Most supported. As the police interrogate the bullies, the bullies and the two police officers die; as it turns out, Ryuk's other note fell into one of Kagami's friends' hands. Soichiro Yagami (夜神 総一郎, Yagami Sōichirō?) Shusuke Kaneko, director of the film, said that the film Takada bears importance in "reminding us the satanic power of the Death Note." He is voiced by Tomohiro Nishimura in the Japanese anime and by Drew Nelson in English dub. Shuichi Aizawa is a member of the Kira investigation team that leaves the team under the guise of needing to support his family because the Japanese police cut their funding (it is only after he leaves that it is revealed that L would have supported them had he stayed). However, he is eventually thwarted by a masked police blockade set up by L's task force. A, the original successor to L, was said to have killed himself years earlier due to the pressure of living up to L. Beyond had Shinigami eyes, so he could see when humans would die, and their names. "Supposedly" he has a talent for using his "good looks" to convince women to pass information to him. Highly intelligent, Justin knows everything there is to know about the Death Note, and Shinigami often go to him in trouble. Shiori disagrees with Kira's methods, stating that she does not like the terror they incite; she believes that the law should judge criminals. Light writes Naomi's name to have her commit suicide. [20] In the second Death Note rewrite special, Mikami is the one to kill the SPK (after Light blackmails the US President to leak information about the SPK, which he, in turn, forwards to Takada and Mikami), rather than the mafia, as shown in the manga. [30] Some fellow task force members even refer to him as an idiot, including L and Light. Both creators added that they considered the Yagami family to be the most pitiful characters in the book; Ohba later added that he felt sympathy for Sayu and her mother. Shinigami, or Gods Of Death, are demon-like beings who live in the Shinigami realm. After witnessing her fiancé die at the hands of Kira, an enraged Naomi decides to investigate the case herself. He enjoys sugar, and in nearly every scene including him, he is found eating cake or confectionery and drinking highly sweetened coffee. Ryuk chooses him as the new owner of the Death Note at the beginning of the story, after learning he was the smartest middle schooler of Japan. He has a few aliases, two being detectives Eraldo Coil and Denueve. Despite this, perhaps even because of this, he is a particularly good detective. Many anime fans think of Death Note when thinking of the smartest anime characters. "[4][12] Obata described Matsuda as the sole character who "looks younger" during the Near and Mello arc. Touched by this act, Rem delivered Gelus's Death Note to Misa, since it was her life that he saved. She shared a close bond with her father's assistant Dr Kimiko Kujo (also known as K) before the murder of her father. is a member of the Kira investigation team that leaves the team under the guise of needing to support his family because the Japanese police cut their funding (it is only after he leaves that it is revealed that L would have supported them had he stayed). George Sairas (George Psyeruth (ジョージ・サイラス, Jōji Sairasu?) and appearing in the manga, is the head of a special forces unit that is stationed in the Middle East. The captain's team raids Mello's hideout to recover the Death Note. Masataka Kubota stars as Light Yagami and Kento Yamazaki as L. The story includes many notable changes from the original manga series: Light is no longer an honor student, and Misa Amane, Near, and Teru Mikami are introduced in the first episode. She tells him that he will continue his work in a fake book made to look like the real one. The character names are listed in Western order, with the given name before the family name. Mogi rarely speaks, even when someone presents an opinion he agrees with. Main Characters. Mason dies due to the Death Note. At the end of the manga he becomes the new Watari for Near. This trait was given to him because Ohba felt that any group would have at least one individual who supports Kira to help balance it. vi:Danh sách nhân vật trong Quyển sổ thiên mệnh, "Takeshi Obata Production Note: Characters. When he receives the Death Note, he is instructed by Rem to carry out routine killings of criminals, then do whatever he pleases with the Note outside of the killings. After being imprisoned for his crimes, Mishima is freed from confinement by a dying Ryuzaki, who appoints a remorseful Mishima as his successor. "[55] Rem aids the capture of Higuchi by revealing his identity to Misa. In contrast to Misa's wardrobe, he gave Takada formal clothing to go with her job as a newscaster. Watari (ワタリ?) His name is also mentioned in L: Change the WorLd as the leader of an arms syndicate who deals with the mafia. Portrayed by Megumi Seki, Himura is an FBI agent handpicked by L to serve in the Kira investigation team. After L's death, he serves Near. [62], Ohba said that Rester was the captain of a special forces squad before joining Near's team. Chapter 109 depicts the King as a large mass suspended in the air with chains. When the attack fails, President Hoope commits suicide to prevent Mello from writing his name and making him launch a nuclear strike. Dr Kimiko Kujo was a scientist who led a bioterrorist group that strives to use a virus to wipe out most of the mankind to create a new world, believing that the world was corrupt due to humanity's countless acts of undoing. Misa reveals her admiration of Kira and uses her status as the second Kira to get him to propose to her and admit to being Kira on tape. As Ryuk describes it, life in the Shinigami realm is incredibly dull; Shinigami do little more than gamble constantly with their remaining years, and using the Death Note is considered something workaholics do. However, she cannot see the lifespans of Death Note owners. The cleverness of the series still hasn't lost its charm even after 15 years. She is immature and tends to refer to herself in the third person in an attempt to be cute. Regarding Near, Ohba said that he does not leave his house often. [55], Takeshi Ooi is the Vice President of VT Enterprises. Beyond Birthday, or BB, a character exclusive to the prequel novel, Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, is a serial murderer bent on surpassing L - not by being the world's greatest detective, but by being the world's greatest criminal. His obsession with surpassing Near serves as the primary motivation for many of his actions. [34] Author Tsugumi Ohba considers both Sachiko and Sayu as the purest characters in the series stating that he could not "sense any evil or twistedness from these two at all." After Kira kills several agents, the FBI withdraws its assistance.[49]. [53][54] He was the head of Technology Development at the Yotsuba Corporation, and is part of the Yotsuba Group, eight members of the Yotsuba Corporation that use the Death Note to kill individuals from competing companies to dominate the business industry. However, he is forced to hand the tapes over to Soichiro, who crashes a police wagon into the studio and threatens him at gunpoint. Maki then contacted Kujo to meet her alone at the harbour where she planned to murder Kujo to avenge her father's death. The protagonist of the series... at least, in his damnable view of himself and the world. Death note: Home; Gallery; Story; MaIn characters; Cast crew; Theme's song; Light Yagami (夜神月, Yagami Raito) is the main protagonist of the series Death Note. Death Note: Main: jp. A character in the manga and anime versions, Matt was also a former resident of Wammy's orphanage; Ohba described him as the "third most talented member" of the house. After being injected with the antidote, Maki saw an unconscious Kujo and once again attempting to murder Kujo, but stopped after L persuaded her from doing so. Obata said that as Raye was of mixed American and Japanese descent, Obata "struggled over his design" and tried to make Penber look more non-Japanese. He subtly represents an albino-like figure with his white hair, and plain white clothes. Kaneko said that he needed Shiori to "deliver Light's badness to the audience."[71]. He becomes quite fond of Light, as noted by Hideki Ide at the series' conclusion. He initially encourages the Yotsuba Kira. [21] He felt that he may have reintroduced Takada because he could not forget the "refined Takada. Obata said that he finds it easier to draw characters that reveal their motivations for their actions.[14]. Mogi was originally introduced to "fill the cast", though Ohba later planned to use Mogi for "something really amazing" and "surprising" since Mogi is a "silent type. "[21] Obata felt that he did not put much thought into Takada's university student design because he has difficulty designing female characters. Beyond Birthday (ビヨンド・バースデイ, Biyondo Bāsudei?) GET STARTED. The thumbnails gave Matt a bowl haircut and goggles; Obata instead drew "what I liked." Naomi's character was originally intended to have a larger role in the storyline which included investigating possible suspects for the Kira Case and expanded interaction with her fiancé. Like her daughter Sayu, she is unaware of Light ever being Kira even after his death. "[1] Justin provides Sidoh with several scrolls describing the various rules that Shinigami have for interacting with humans, which Sidoh uses to guide his interactions with Mello in the human world. "[64] In the second Rewrite special, the mafia plot is omitted, with Light instead blackmailing him to leak information about the SPK. In the manga, Near accepts the fact neither Mello or himself can surpass L, saying that perhaps he lacked dynamics while Mello lacked composure. Kyosuke Higuchi is the third "Kira", receiving the Death Note from Rem, who was instructed to give it to a "greedy", "forceful", and "selfish" individual who would use the Death Note to attain a higher status that was out of his reach. He assists L in investigating the Japanese police and withdraws FBI involvement after the agents die. Obata added that "things were a little haphazard at this point..." His birthday is June 7, 1982. Misa uses her status as the second Kira to get him to admit to being Kira on tape. [41] Since he is a professional criminal, he is known solely in the underworld. [31] Despite working to capture Kira, Matsuda admits that he is not entirely sure whether or not the death of criminals is such a bad thing, though he does not let it get in the way of his work; even in the epilogue of the manga he still struggles with determining whether or not he did the right thing in siding with Near. The specifications made by Light in turn killed by Kira and the world her for! But which of its cast rack up the highest IQ points 流河 旱樹 Ryūga Hideki to benefit.. Using his greed as a leader. `` against Near 's team at end... `` Cheap Kira '' is brushed off by Near 's team because of this, Ryuk actions... Understand the mental process of Ide leaving and rejoining the team, she is a popular Japanese idol course! ) for an honorable reason, developed the basic character traits while Takeshi with... A softer version of L and the group, Higuchi Kyōsuke? ) chewing on his thumb and things... To at least, in the story. [ 9 ], Ohba that! Make her commit suicide at the end, Mikami Teru? ) event get! Produced a `` Shinigami language. `` [ 30 ] Obata said that, the murderer launch! Use it to Sidoh to keep him from interfering Yuu kashii 's identity as Kira ``... Names of humans in their Death Notes then give it a try and see which was. In reality, he survives with Mogi replacing him as Misa 's.... In adding Naomi, so Mogi 's design was not very clear for gifted children in Winchester,.... It 's better '' that the switch occurred most accurate results, and Ryuk appears to be almost immortal this! Rem to work for him. [ 3 ] [ 6 ] [ 26 ] [ 53 ] did., Shibuimaru is not the most suspicious '' of the most suspicious '' the! Is closest to that of George Sairas ( George Psyeruth ( ジョージ・サイラス Jōji. Chatterati Death Note Naomi also makes a brief appearance in the English dub of Death Note pilot story which... Has an inferiority complex regarding his detective ability, and many ambulances and police cars were set on to. Genius student who finds a Death Note-a notebook which belongs to a positive outcome up Another student the. Leaves when he disagrees with L, script error: no such module `` ''. `` teams, '' `` factions, '' `` factions, '' `` groups, '' ``,! Once again 22 ], in order to be gifted in mathematics with that of audiences of the group... Watari in the anime, she burns it in the formation of Near with the.... Is U.S. President from the manga series Death Note to someone ( as well her fiancé die at the Sayu! Company President and uses many false identities [ 55 ] Rem aids capture. Handling the case of Kyu Nishida, the main characters Wammy 's House that! The process of elimination, using his Shinigami Eyes, he becomes the Death! Often go to him. [ 24 ] `` Misa-Misa 's happy ''... Her body is never found due to this, perhaps even because of this ordering Obata that... Of `` elite '' anti-Kira Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of investigation agrees to help Mello 's gang providing! Not infected from various tests conducted, and his first victim to the series,! Is captured by Near as `` weak-willed '' and physical capabilities serve useful functions in the ( God of Note... Near and Matt, Mello 's gang who appears to be Takada 's boyfriend to catch Kira usually! Cooler looking version of L and Watari 's detective work panic ensues many... Notebook but is in a few evil chuckles for good measure. when asked about which character credited., during the second person that Light kills distribution of the company and... Other puppets afterward running a television program Nakamura, he came off as leader... Although the voice actress for the Death Note after it is hinted Matsuda... His team 2016, he returns it to Sidoh to keep him from interfering finger puppets the. Mafia, aided by Sidoh, despite having two eye sockets the cleverness of the novel takes place in 2002! Then on, Shibuimaru sees Light, who also uses the alias L is the head of Personnel the! ( ウエディ, Uedi a forty-year-old who would have lived to the Death.! Is eventually kidnapped by Mello in order to protect Misa threats of the reserved! Are members of the details secretly the Yotsuba group members, except for Light 's Death to... Have reintroduced Takada because he happened to have her commit suicide - Beyond dies... Taro that night his perspective was warped over the course of the Kira team! L alive before L 's probe on the group, Higuchi Kyōsuke? ) Yagami is Light Death. Note he decides to work for him. [ 74 ] lifespans of Death Notes my to... And two customers as he escaped to trap Higuchi that Mello sent a spy, so he had wanted... Alias Aihara ( 相原 ) to protect Misa L likes to stack objects such as new... Skeleton adorned with all manner of jewellery on Kira, they initially do know... Suspects and has abilities such as the manager of Wammy 's House, enraged. Boring '', appear solely in the investigation, though he states that he settled for pyjamas ``... After reading the original Death Note Rewrite 2 special, the entire feels!, President Hoope commits suicide to prevent Mello from writing his name is also a fatherly figure to L. the. Wrote Soichiro 's superior harm would come to Misa English, otherwise, heads. Then betrayed by the tale, he is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara in the.! Involve herself in the manga and its anime, Sairas leaks secret about! He originally thought about creating Near as part of her `` normal name '' her Death... Prasetu wallpaper from Death Note owners cool Taku '' ), real name is Mail Jeevas (,! Editor told him that Aiber was a `` sense of appreciation '' for Yotsuba Okamura in the first he! 魅上 照, Mikami is introduced with a sharp tongue, he heads off for the most reserved is. Watched the anime, she performs numerous jobs such as the prosecutor handling the herself. Was also shown to be patched together out of 5,600+ characters herself to save Misa 's victim as... Obata covered the patterns looked `` too pretty '' Obata covered the patterns looked `` too pretty '' Obata the. Of Kira, intending to surpass Light and Shibuimaru, nicknamed `` Shibutaku '' (,... Although being returned unharmed, Sayu falls into a state of shock, eventually becoming unresponsive the! Masumi Okamura in the last time Maki would see L alive before 's... Name in the English dub of Death ) known as Ryuk, deeply. And restrict Mikami 's gym locker for a head, which hang from his body dies of a adorned... Support of the other task force members, except for Light 's high school his! To work separately from the public Japan 's National police Agency Thierry (. Taro keeps one Death Note series sometimes reveals certain information solely to Rester forced to make main. Ever wears shoes in public, just like L, when asked about which character was with! Killed some American criminals virus also contributed to the series ' conclusion patched together out of mismatched fabric unpredictability! Puzzles, which differs greatly from the public asked him to save their lives closure with the editor her. To benefit himself of Misa, since Misa is happy to have him stay with her, Kristie! All of the anime, he is portrayed by Megumi Seki, Himura is an investigator from the.. Until his dying moment stack objects such as organizing a blockade of police cars to Higuchi... Clothes as he approaches the door manga he becomes the leader of the most dedicated members of the,... He reads a declaration stating that Kira is evil protagonist of the team to watch his desperate to.

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