YOU MUST REMOVE ALL TOXINS FROM YOUR LIFE. Every chemical toxin in your environment has to be removed or replaced with an organic equivalent, this includes any product you put in or on your body.

Personal hygiene products

  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Bath soap
  • Shampoo


  • Fridge filter for ice
  • Shower filter

Household cleaners

  • Detergent – laundry and dishwasher
  • Fabric softener
  • All-purpose cleaners

I buy all of my organic products from one of three stores; Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods. My family uses these venues simply because we haven’t found any others close by. Some products I buy online.

Plastic water bottles are known to contain toxins called ‘BPA’ released from the plastic when they’re exposed to high heat.  Heat from either being left in a car or heat during transit while being shipped to stores.  The water has to be filtered again.

The water filter I use is a five layered filtering system by Zero Filter, they’re relatively inexpensive and are rated as one of the best filtering systems for eliminating lead and fluoride. I use two types, a gravity filter kept in the fridge and a portable filter I have at work and one I use to travel with.

I have read a really interesting report (linkof three water bottle companies whose products are free of BPA’s and have high amounts of a supplement called ‘Silica’ which helps purge the body (or ‘chelation‘) of aluminum.  Although I haven’t found two of the products at any of our local stores I have found the Fiji brand readily available.  So I’ve incorporated that into my detox regimen.   

As far as the fridge and shower filters are concerned I haven’t done those yet.  I don’t drink with ice right now and when I do have ice water I filter it through my portable Zero Filter.

  • Amalgam (mercury) filling removal

Dentists will tell you that there is no conclusive evidence that mercury leaks into your system by way of your gums.  In that same statement they’ll tell you there is slight leakage when the mercury sets with the alloy it’s mixed with.  A contradictory statement? Perhaps, but I look it as a risk either way and one that can be easily removed.

There are dentists who are board certified in safely removing your fillings, but when I had mine removed my dentist went through with me in great detail the steps he takes in ensuring that no mercury fragments or vapors escape that could do damage. And because of the almost 20 year relationship my family and I have with my dentist I felt more than assured of safety in this procedure.

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage (with organic all virgin coconut oil)
  • Bentonite clay bath

I haven’t tried acupuncture or the clay bath yet although I did consult with my nutritionist who recommended them both. However, I was warned with the clay bath that you need to be cautious and not bathe for too long since you could detox good minerals from your body as well as bad.

I have done the massage with the coconut oil and it works wonders on your muscles.  I’ve noticed that my toes tend to show more movement after I’ve massage the coconut oil in.

  • Air purifier
  • House plants

Due to the expense I haven’t been able to buy an air purifier for the house yet, but it is something I want to look into more as money permits. Of course house plants are a good, cheap alternative to help purify your air.